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>> Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We are SO excited to start up this fun blog! It's going to be so fun swapping yummy recipes with each other and trying out new things. Here are a couple of things to remember when you post your recipe:

1. Make sure your TITLE is the recipe ONLY
2. Remember to LABEL at the end of your post. This will help keep things organized!
3. SIGN the end of your post so our friends and families will know who to thank for the awesome food!
4. PICTURES! If you can, include step-by-step pictures with your instructions. If you don't feel like it, try to include at least one of the finished product.
5. ALL recipes are welcome. Bakin', grillin', cookin'... if you can eat it, it belongs HERE!
6. SITE YOUR SOURCE. We want people to get credit for their hard work, so unless it's a genuine family recipe, site where you got it.

We are completely OPEN to any and all suggestions for the functionality of this blog. We want it to be user friendly and FUN!
So, email either
REBECCA- huntrebecca@yahoo.com
ASHLEY- craftyashley@gmail.com

and we will be happy to assist you!

We want to get to know YOU! Please start out with an introductory post with a snazzy picture of you, if possible.
And PLEASE invite your friends and family! The more people on here, the more recipes we'll be able to share! Tell them to email us and we'll make them a contributer too!

Can't wait to get cookin'!


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