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>> Friday, April 23, 2010

(yeah, that's me and a cutout of Pay Sayjack - I love Wheel)

I was the picky eater in my huge family. Many nights of my childhood were spent sitting at kitchen table watching the timer tick down telling me that I had 5:04 minutes before I had to finish my greenbeans. It was brutal. I still will only eat only a certain variety of vegetables and am a somewhat picky eater but it hasn't stopped me from loving to cook. I've got a great audience because my husband will eat ANYTHING and actively encourages me to do whatever I want.

I've got quite a few meals that are our favorites but I definitely need to spice it up with some variety. Also, you'll notice that the calorie count in my meals depend on whether I am pregnant or trying to lose the baby weight. Since I've been married there hasn't been a happy medium between those 2 times. We'll celebrate our 4th anniversary in August - and a month later I'll have our 3rd baby. See what I mean about the no happy medium? So for the next few months you'll enjoy all my delcious fatty favorites but come August I'll get back on track with Weight Watcher friendly recipes.

I love making knockoff dishes. We're still in the student phase of our life so I've tried making the dishes that make me want to go out to eat. I've successfully mastered Olive Garden Breadsticks, Pei Wei Mongolian Beef, Cafe Rio salad and more... it's my one bragging right in the kitchen and our bank account!


lacie tidwell April 24, 2010 at 6:19 AM  

ummm you will HAVE to pass on the restaurant recipes to me ASAP miss!!! Those are all our favs!!! and I'm excited to see healthier meal ideas- we have none!!! and we'll have to kearn how to puree veggies and slip them into sauces and stuff!

Lindsay April 29, 2010 at 1:10 PM  

I'm totally looking forward to the Pei Wei Mongolian Beef!!! That's my favorite dish, and if I could make that at home it would save us so much money from me wanting to eat there all the time!

PS - my calorie counts on foods vary too, whether I'm pregnant or not! Some days I feel like eating healthy, and some days I don't!

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