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>> Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hello! My name is Amanda and my favorite wedding present that I received was a recipe box full of recipes! When I first got married we ate a lot of Pasta-roni, frozen pizza, and at my parents house. That was fine as a new wife with a full-time job, but after a while it just didn't cut it. Since then I've really tried to branch out and make some real food. For some reason, I don't really make a lot of dishes that I ate growing up, so over the past 3 years I've created a collection of recipes that I make my meal plans from. Now that I'm home with my 1-year-old daughter, I have loads of time to plan out and try new things. I made a goal this year to try a new recipe every week so as to enlarge my repertoire even more. Some of them have been very tasty, some totally disgusting. I'm super excited to share and learn new and different things to cook!


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