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>> Thursday, April 22, 2010

FOOD. I love it. And everything about it. I love big, bold flavors. I love different textures. Hot, cold, sweet or savory... I love food. My absolute favorite is Mexican food. Bring on the heat, baby! Runner up is Italian. I love tomato ANYTHING so much. I have lately been experimenting with my own marinara sauces. Haven't quite found the perfect recipe yet.

I am a SAHM with a baby that doesn't usually require a lot of attention. This is nice, except it often leaves me bored out of my mind. And what do I do when I'm bored?, I mean, BAKE! I love love LOVE to bake. Cookies, cakes, brownies... anything sweet and dense and rich and chewy.. sorry, I'm getting carried away. Point is, there is ALWAYS some home baked sweet on our stove with a knife or spatula that sits in the pan at all times for frequent flier bites and nibbles. I have a problem. And I wonder why I don't lose weight?

My mom always cooked dinner, every night. When I was in high school she totally branched out and made DELICIOUS and random food all the time. She tried new recipes out on us and I can't remember a meal I didn't like. She passed this love of cooking on to me. Nothing makes me feel more powerful than having my hair pulled up, a sweat starting to break on my forehead and a kink in my neck, all from being in the kitchen and cooking up something. I love to experiment with spices and sauces. I hardly ever follow a recipe more than once. I'll follow it the first time to get it in my head, then I tweak it every time after that. I just like to add my own touch.

I love food.
That is why I started this blog.

The End.

PS- Can I get a WOOP WOOP! to Ashley for the AWESOME blog layout?! She is a master!


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