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>> Monday, April 26, 2010

I must say that cooking is a brand new thing to me for the most part and that is probably why half of my ingredients end up on the counter. I've been married a short 9 months and it took me some time to stop making hamburger helper 3 times a week and decide that a real meal is needed. I think the day I made a real meal was a blessing to my husband. I am an avid sports lover, and can't seem to get enough of baseball. I love to travel and have taken in a new love for fly fishing, just got to work on it a little more.

I am up for trying new things, even though half the new things I try to cook don't turn out like the picture or taste well. I figure I've got to give it a shot. It frustrates me when something doesn't look like the picture, not sure why but I've got to get over that real quick. I hope that I can find all sorts of new recipes on here and share some of the fabulous things I already know how to cook with all of you.


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