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>> Friday, April 23, 2010

That would be the appropriate title for my food blog…

I have a great cookbook, The Joy of Cooking, and it is my kitchen bible. I usually check there first if I am itching to make something new. My go-to websites are (in order of preference),, and

The thing is, I really like to bake, and I am pretty good at it, most of the time. For some reason though, things sometimes go askew, and the hubby, kiddos and I are stuck with some interesting concoctions!

Now, the real trouble lies in trying to prepare a dinner of any sort. I can read (I was a Lit major in college, so that is a given), I can follow directions (not really much of a rule-breaker, so this also comes easy to me), but for some reason, there is a breakdown in reading and following a recipe that does not involve flour, sugar, and eggs! Anytime there is actually a success, I am sure to share the recipe, mostly out of excitement and encouragement for myself.

Of course, I am super-blessed because my husband is an AMAZING cook (sans training), so our family will not starve. But it sure would be nice to help out once in awhile, since we cannot, well, should not survive on chocolate pie and sugar cookies.


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