Love Me Some Fun-Fetti!

>> Wednesday, September 29, 2010

*GASP* Becca- Pictures!! Are you proud!?!

Who doesn't love a good 'ol Fun-Fetti cake!?!

Well my friend at work sure does... and so we were having a little celebration for her recent wedding and I decided to bake a cake for the occasion.

Is was on complete accident the way this turned out. As I was going to pour the mixture into my 2 9" rounds, I realized I have NO CLUE where they are (lost in the move, at someone elses home... who knows) and so I decided to make a bunch of Cup Cakes instead... WAIT- I have ONE small square pyrex dish I can use. So I will do both (and thats when the creativity poured in... or perhaps I was watching Cake Boss. Dont judge!)

Recipe: Cake Mix and two cans of frosting (I used one Fun-Fetti frosting and the other Butter Cream)


Cake - Do as directed on box :) Sorry folks- I am not a fancy baker.

Once both Cup Cakes and Square cake is baked- allow to cool.

*I stuck mine immediately into the freezer. Its much easier to work with a cake when its frozen.

Remove from pan and shave off the top of the cake with a carving knife (or cake leveler) to level out flat. Flip cake over so bottom side is up. That will be your base.

Frosting - With the Butter Cream I added blue coloring.

I frosted the cup cakes like normal with the fun- fetti frosting and then placed in the freezer while I frosted the cake.

I used the blue frosting on the cake. I made sure to put a generous portion on top so that it didn't tear the cake while frosting.


Once the cake is frosted remove the cupcakes from freezer and figure out your arrangment. (you can go crazy stacking... or like me, four cupcakes to form a square and one on top!)

You will need a toothpick or something to hold the cupcakes in place. I cut wooden cabbob sticks in half and used those since they were stronger.

I hid the sticks through the cupcakes with a dot of icing on top.

I dotted the sides and stuck in back in the freezer over night!!

Finished product- SO CUTE!! Not a pro... but still fun!


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